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2013-2017 Five Year Plan

39th Program Year

2008-2012 Five Year Plan

38th Program Year

37th Program Year

36th Program Year

35th Program Year

34th Program Year

2003-2008 Five Year Plan

33rd Program Year

32nd Program Year

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29th Program Year

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updated April 3, 2013
Housing & Community Development Five-Year Consolidated Plan 2013-2017

and 39th Program Year (2013-2014) Action Plan


Addendum to Council File 12-1607: Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer's (CLA-CAO) Report Relative to the 2013-17 Housing and Community Development Five-Year Consolidated Plan and 39th Year (2013-14) Action Plan
February 21, 2013

Mayor Villaraigosa's 2013-17 HCD Consolidated Plan and 39th Program Year Action Plan
Notification and Process Letter

October 5, 2012

Mayor Villaraigosa's Proposed 2013-17 HCD Consolidated Plan and 39th Program Year Action Plan - letter to the L.A. City Council
January 10, 2013

Consolidated Plan Cover Page
Section 1 - Executive Summary
Section 2 - The Process
Section 3 - Needs Assessment
Section 4 - Market Analysis
Section 5 - Strategic Plan
Section 6 - 39th Program Year - First Year Action Plan (2013-2014)
Section 7 - Citizen/Public Participation
39th Program Year Amendments Table
2013-2017 HCD Five-Year Consolidated Plan Information



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